how to communicate with designers during the home improvement process

In order to further standardize indoor wiring, reduce potential safety hazards, and waste from repeated disassembly, and work with companies to create a consumer environment where consumers are assured and the market is in good order, the National Assembly glass light switches manufacturer in China Electrical and Intelligent Cooperation Alliance invited electrical experts to jointly launch the “Electrical Appliances Safely Home Delivery” The series suggested that consumers should be provided with detailed and effective knowledge from various aspects such as material selection, wiring, switch and socket design, telephone network and TV line design, and guide consumers to choose a home improvement company that suits them and how to communicate with designers during the home improvement process.

Although the switch socket is not a “big piece” like a home appliance, it is related to the daily safety of the family and is the first line of defense to protect the home’s electrical safety. Therefore, you must not be sloppy when choosing a switch socket. Electrical experts especially reminded that different places are equipped with different types of switches and sockets. Families with small children, in order to prevent children from touching the socket with their fingers or metal objects, you should choose a safety socket with a safety baffle.

Look at the brand
According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 1,500 domestic enterprises producing switch socket products, and the quality difference between products is huge. Because many ordinary consumers do not have a method to identify the advantages and disadvantages of products, coupled with a limited understanding of switch socket brands, Bringing living space to some unscrupulous businessmen, and some counterfeit and shoddy products flowing into the market. Of course, many large companies pay great attention to their brand image, have higher requirements on product quality, and relatively guarantee after-sales service. The quality guarantee is usually no less than 12 years. Therefore, in order to be assured of use, it is best to choose a large company or a reputable brand for the switch socket.

Check appearance
The panel should be uniform in color, smooth in surface, free of dents, variegations, air bubbles, stains, cracks, swelling, lack of glue, deformation, scratches, shrinkage and other defects. The metal parts are free from burrs, cracks, corrosion marks, rust and screw head damage.

When you buy a switch socket, you should also weigh it. If the merchant chooses thin copper sheet, it will feel lighter. The good copper and terminal blocks used for good switch sockets are usually thicker and relatively heavy. Copper parts are a key part of switch sockets, and also a key part to identify counterfeit and inferior products. Consumers should also pay attention when buying: some bad manufacturers will add iron plates to their products to increase weight. We must pay attention when buying.

Identify the place
Different places should be equipped with different types of switches and sockets. Water and oil fume are often found in the kitchen and bathroom. It is best to install a splash-proof water box or plastic baffle on the socket panel to effectively prevent short circuits caused by oil and water vapor intrusion. Families with children, in order to prevent children from touching the socket with their fingers or metal objects, parents are better to choose a safety socket with a safety baffle.

In addition, when installing a three-hole socket, the ground wire must not be left blank, and the ground wire must not be directly connected to the gas pipeline. These methods are quite dangerous. The ground wire is connected to the housing of the electrical appliance. If the electrical appliance leaks electricity, it will cause electric shock.

Special socket
Domestic outdoor waterproof socket, 220V 10A three-plug, two-plug plug can be used in non-protected state to meet the home. (The protection level IP66 can meet the needs of the family. IP66 is violently sprayed in all directions without water, soaked in 1 meter of water for 1 hour without water.) It should be noted that outdoor sockets are generally made of plastic, and anti-aging should be considered.

Many people do n’t know that there are already 10A “fingerprint” outdoor waterproof and storm-proof sockets in the home. Use the indoor splash-proof box instead of the waterproof socket. The splash-proof box can only be splash-proof, not directly exposed to rain and aging. It is not safe, and the service life is also because the UV service life will not exceed one year.

Outdoor sockets must be five-proof to be durable. Five-proof —– Water-proof, dust-proof, anti-chemical corrosion, anti-ultraviolet and anti-impact.