Thread rolling machine and tube rolling machine in Spain

Industrial Machinery Corporation are engaged in manufacturer of Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine two Roll use for creating screws, bolts and tools. It is a cold-forming operation only for external screws threads in a blank. The blank is pressed by thread rolling dies which are attached to the machine. The threads had been formed by the pressing progress.

Contents: Full machine with thread rolling plates, length stop and maintenance accessories, with no transport. 2015 – Sales and technical service point of GOVAMA thread Rolling machine and tube rolling machine in Spain. 1st column type HK120 GOVAMA thread Rolling machine has been designed and developed, shipped to the buyer.

Thread rolling machine and tube rolling machine in Spain

In addition to doing more perform on one machine in less time, thread rolling has numerous technical advantages over single point threading. Rather of cutting or shearing the material as is the case of single point threading, thread rolling cold types the profile to be developed. In this procedure, the component material is stressed beyond its yield point, getting deformed plastically, and therefore permanently. A hardened die created from tool steel or HSS displaces the material along the contours of the thread profile, plastically deforming the material into the final type. The workpiece material is stressed beyond its yield point, which causes it to flow and conform to the mirror image of the die’s profile.

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Operator will be responsible for thread up of the rolling mill, operation of the strip take up, and strip coil adjustments. We are specialize in Threading Machine for Bolt, Rebar, Bar, Rod and also specialized in Thread Rolling Machines for Bolt, Bar, Rod. Thread cutting heads can cope with just about any material. It is basically a matter of getting the correct geometry on the chasers.

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