The industrial press machine system

A particular gear (known as cored gear or Sub-press) is put in on mattress and the industrial press machine system employs technique of gap forming pin(s) (1~four each) diving horizontal path to the facet surface of fabric after the slide goes down and both upper and decrease instruments clamp materials.

The  industrial press machine system

The EPC-D electrical screw press produced by Qingdao Wantai Machine Tool Know-how Co. Ltd. The mechanical screw presses of Mecolpress TDS collection are moreover provided with Calipso software, which can also be developed by our company, that allows the data collection and recording in actual time.

AC servo numerical management electric fly press of the current invention, said AC servo numerical management electrical machine drives flywheel, both can carry out via gear drive or belt transmissioning mode, also can perform via other kinds of drive.

AC servo numerical control electrical fly press of the current invention, stated AC servo numerical control electrical machine is a form of motor that receives enter signal control and do to reply fast; Its control accuracy is high; Function steadily, in its rated pace scope, can both export nominal torque, overload capacity is powerful; Management performance is reliable, and response quickly.

Vapor-tight presses are used during the manufacturing of soybean protein focus (SPC), citrus and apple pectin , bioresin, and Xanthan gum Twin-screw presses contain two overlapping compression screws. There are two major sorts of screw presses of this design.

Usually, friction press die life is mostly can forge 4000 pieces, but electric screw press can up to 15000 pieces, even might be 50000 pieces. MBU oil screw press vary, with capacities starting from 2 to 10 tons per day. The screw press consumes all flywheel vitality during stamping and stamping pressure quantity is adjusted via controlling flywheel revolution (fairly comparable with controlling forming stress via adjusting hammer’s descending velocity).

A compact design and an increase in operational reliability are achieved if, every axial piston motor or each pair of axial piston motors which is related to a pinion and the related reversible pump are disposed in a closed circuit which also contains the control means for feed pressure and multiple-stage stress controllable in one stage as braking strain and which is linked to a refill pump.

In many presses, circuits present for a compensation control or sequential management, e.g. rapid advance, adopted by sequences with two or extra urgent speeds. It can be utilized to drive each asynchronous and synchronous motor of screw press machine. Mechanical presses therefore develop constant forging results, supply high productiveness and accuracy, and do not require as high a level of operator talent as do other types of forging machines.

Electrical screw press is a kind of forging machine with strong applicability, have twin nature of press and forging hammer. AC servo numerical management electrical fly press of the present invention can be used the static load work of operate as regular ability 20%, and the strike strain limit is wide.