Explain the characteristics and development trend of green manufacturing of agricultural machinery

  Modern agricultural machinery in the development concept is the need to use networked collaborative technology to achieve the green design and manufacturing, the establishment of a high-standard database system, from mechanical design, manufacturing, transportation, use and other aspects of the minimum environmental burden, the highest resource utilization technology development, the introduction of green manufacturing technology into the agricultural machinery industry will certainly become a new economic growth point.

  A China’s agricultural machinery manufacturing technology development status

  After the reform and opening up, although China’s manufacturing industry has been the country’s key development industries, but by dry start late, backward infrastructure, compared with developed industrial countries there is still a small gap. Its main performance are.

  1. design solutions and manufacturing industry backward.

Western developed countries complete experience of steam era and electrical era of reform, the traditional manufacturing process techniques mature, the manufacturing industry is also higher than China’s high-speed development period. Compared with the manufacturing technology of industrial powers, our manufacturing process is rough, the level of presentization is low, and the cutting-edge technology is still under development. For example, industrially developed countries have begun to popularize nanotechnology, micro-laser processing technology, composite processing technology, etc., while most of China’s manufacturing industry is still the model of inter-farm workshop, although there is a certain prototype of mechanical process, but still lack of high-tech.

  2. Backwardness of manufacturing industry.

Industrial powerhouse countries have developed a set of scientific industry system after the accumulation of original capital and development, and all manufacturing enterprises in the system have the corresponding guidelines, and the management of enterprises widely adopts computer management, the production system runs precise colleges and universities, and the cycle of production mode renewal is short. Two most of our manufacturing enterprises are still in the stage of figuring out, only a few enterprises use computer management mode, while most small enterprises are still in the stage of manual management.

  3. Low degree of automated production. Developed countries have popularized the computer integrated management system, automated CNC machine tools, flexible manufacturing systems and other fully automated machinery, to achieve production automation, integration and intelligence. In China, only a very small number of large enterprises use flexible manufacturing systems, most of the private manufacturing enterprises in the rigid automation stage, very dependent on manual management.

  4. Enterprise management.

The advent of the information age has led to the use of computers in manufacturing management in developed countries. Foreign enterprises pay more attention to the production mode and organizational management of enterprises, and put forward lean production, just-in-time production, efficient production are new management ideas. China entered the information age late. Computer management mode is not widely used.

  Second agricultural machinery green manufacturing characteristics

  China’s investment in agricultural development has been increasing, promoting the process of agricultural development, but also for agricultural machinery to provide a strong space for development.

Agricultural machinery green manufacturing on the basis of traditional machinery production into the modern advanced microelectronics, instruments and other information control technology, integrated with the characteristics of China’s agricultural development and the basic environment, to create a more suitable for sustainable development of agricultural applications of machinery and equipment, to contribute to the development of agricultural green economy.

Modern agricultural machinery green manufacturing involves electronic information technology, machinery manufacturing technology, agriculture and meteorological environment and other multifaceted fields, the entire production and manufacturing is a system engineering with the joint participation of multiple fields. In addition to the common characteristics of general machinery production and demand conditions, agricultural machinery green manufacturing industry has its own characteristics.

  1. Modern agricultural machinery green manufacturing has the advantage of high degree of automation and fast operation speed

  The continuous development of green manufacturing of agricultural machinery has laid a good foundation for the coordinated development of China’s agricultural compound operating machinery and specialized production machinery, which not only promotes the rapid progress of machinery manufacturing technology and improves the level of automation, but also promotes the efficiency and quality of China’s agricultural production at the same time. Increase the degree of automation, improve the safety and comfort of the use of machinery in the agricultural production process, to promote the use of new technologies and further reduce operating costs to create the conditions, in line with the development trend of modern agriculture.

  2. Agricultural machinery green manufacturing has the advantage of reducing environmental pollution and improving production efficiency

  With the continuous development of the world economy, people consume a large amount of natural energy in the process of production, and cause a certain lack of energy reuse and other phenomena, to a large extent hindered the development of a sustainable economy; at the same time, due to the lack of attention, a large number of development and production operations generated by the waste gas substances on the surrounding environment caused a huge impact, polluting the world environment. The use of advanced agricultural machinery green manufacturing applications in agricultural production, can further collect and accumulate information on agricultural development, the use of fertilizers, pesticides, and the use of energy using the concept of green environmental protection precise use of portions and time, greatly improving the yield per unit area of crops, reducing environmental pollution, in agriculture under the correct guidance of the concept of green sustainable economy, to better meet the human demand for agricultural products demand.

  3. For the current stage of development of green manufacturing of agricultural machinery to a certain extent to alleviate the use of traditional machinery production generated by the waste of raw materials and energy

  Traditional agricultural machinery product cycle lack of global and consistent, after the use of years can not continue to operate, the recycling rate of waste or idle equipment has not been given sufficient attention, resulting in the annual consumption of a large number of resources and energy, while the abandoned agricultural machinery products to the environment to bring great pressure. Green manufacturing of machinery, to a large extent, to improve the above problems, saving human, material, energy and financial inputs, so as to achieve high resource utilization and environmental pollution in the sense of the whole life cycle of green design and manufacturing, computer simulation and other technical inputs, in agricultural machinery manufacturing to produce an obvious “green economy effect” To improve the degree of information sharing.

   The development trend of green manufacturing of agricultural machinery

  For modern agricultural machinery green manufacturing is from the social, economic, environmental 3 main factors of the system structure, the use of high-tech means and methods to achieve the coordinated development between the 3, to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the agricultural economy. Since the green manufacturing of agricultural machinery involves comprehensive research and development in many fields such as science and environment, it is still in the situation of continuous improvement. While driving the development of agriculture, and even the national economy, it will also have a very good prospect on the road to sustainable economic development in China, and a more perfect development trend in the future development process.

  In addition, the decision target system of green design and manufacturing is the integration of the existing manufacturing system target system with the environmental impact and resource consumption, the green manufacturing of agricultural machinery requires the participation of artificial intelligence technology, and the implementation of green design and manufacturing will lead to the formation of a number of new?d industries, including the recycling and processing of waste equipment manufacturing, the service industry of waste recycling and processing, green product design and manufacturing, and The implementation of green design and manufacturing software industry, etc.


  In conclusion, China is currently in the most critical period of economic development, and one of the weak links in our development process is machinery manufacturing technology. The only way to keep up with the trend of the development of advanced manufacturing technology, do a good job of reforming the green manufacturing technology of agricultural machinery and make it favorable to implement, in order to pull the gap between us and developed countries as soon as possible, based on the fierce competition in the market.