Discussion on the problems and countermeasures in the promotion of agricultural machinery technology


  The construction of socialist modernization is steadily moving forward, and it is urgent to solve the three agricultural problems in the construction of agricultural modernization. The promotion of agricultural machinery technology is an emerging mode of agricultural development, combining farmers’ labor and modern machinery technology, which can not only greatly reduce the burden of farmers’ labor, but also improve the unit yield of grain, thus implementing China’s sustainable development strategy.

The battlefield of Xinfeng Town in Beiliu City, Guangxi is 103 square kilometers, including 97,000 mu of mountainous land and 14,000 mu of paddy field area, and the forest coverage rate of the town is as high as 63%. Therefore, to vigorously promote agricultural machinery technology in the town, together to build a beautiful countryside, build a beautiful Beiliu, and increase the well-being of the people of the village.

 Digging the problems in the promotion of agricultural machinery technology

  (A) Insufficient promotion efforts

  Xinfeng town contains 9 administrative villages and 1 neighborhood committee, 165 village groups, the town has a population of 53,000. Based on the national conditions of China today with a large gap between rich and poor, the task of promoting agricultural machinery technology is very heavy, and in some backward and remote areas, it is not popular to agricultural machinery technology.

Sometimes even if the agricultural machinery technology can be promoted into the village, but by the constraints of traffic or other natural geographic conditions, the lack of coordination of various departments, weak basic conditions and other constraints make the promotion of agricultural machinery technology does not have the maximum effect.

  (B) Insufficient funds for promotion

  The annual work output of the town amounts to 1.38 billion yuan, and in 2014, the town’s fiscal revenue was 12.771 million yuan. To achieve high efficiency and high quality agricultural production activities, it is necessary to have a more complete infrastructure equipment, in the government’s annual release to agricultural machinery technology promotion costs, leaving aside funds for agricultural technicians, the remaining part in the promotion of agricultural machinery applications is slightly insufficient.

My county in all aspects of agricultural machinery promotion lack of conditions to support the lack of capital chain, making the perfect equipment and instruments can not be reasonably equipped, the machine and instruments can not be put into production in a timely manner, the promotion of agricultural machinery technology is facing a huge bottleneck.

  (C) Education level of farmers

  The existence of more than two thousand years of feudal small farmer economy has been deeply rooted in the people, farmers are influenced by traditional feudal thinking, the acceptance of agricultural machinery technology has a certain long-term nature, need to experience a certain time span.

Most farmers have a low level of education, conservative thinking, often possessing the concept of creating results only by hands, unwilling to accept new technologies. Of course, more hold a skeptical view?c, and do not believe that high yield and high efficiency of agricultural machinery technology can be achieved.

  (D) the lack of extension professionals and technicians

  Influenced by traditional thinking, some leading cadres will also consider agricultural machinery technology optional, will not have a greater concern for the promotion of agricultural machinery technology, not to mention the financial support for this, the lack of funds and other constraints will reduce the county’s attractiveness to agricultural machinery technicians, it is difficult to retain new types of technical personnel.

Restricted by the age level, old technical personnel with rich technical experience can not always be retained, and the lack of new professional and technical personnel will make the promotion of agricultural development of personnel fault, resulting in serious structural irrational phenomenon, greatly hindering the sustainable development of the agricultural economy.

 Countermeasures to improve the current agricultural machinery promotion

  (A) increase publicity and promotion efforts to attract social attention

  Adhere to the “agricultural stability of the town” strategy, and constantly strengthen the promotion efforts, and actively seek government funding for agricultural machinery technology, and constantly encourage enterprises to assume social responsibility and actively join the promotion of agricultural machinery technology.

With sufficient financial support, we will continue to improve the equipment and instruments, and carry out real-time supervision and recording of the use of funds to ensure the transparent and open use of funds, and invest every dollar in agricultural construction. Increase the promotion of agricultural machinery technology, and technical personnel to set an example by personally conducting experiments to farmers, so that farmers can affectionately feel the greatness of agricultural machinery technology, enhance interest and cultivate familiarity.

  (B) Improve the promotion method

  Based on the actual local situation, go deep into the farmers, explore the most suitable promotion methods, bring the perfect agricultural machinery technology equipment and instruments into the farmers’ homes, teach them personally, make full use of policy preferences and constantly reform and innovate.

According to the differences of each person, the farmers are classified and managed, targeted to different categories of guidance. Establish a network of relationships between agricultural enterprises and farmers, so that farmers can solve the long-term after-sales problems of agricultural machinery and technical equipment and instruments, and to ensure the future of the farmers to purchase a channel, Xinfeng town has now been equipped with more than two thousand agricultural instruments.

  (C) Implement training and carry out agricultural technology promotion and education

  Since the education level of farmers is generally low, the primary goal of promoting agricultural machinery technology is to improve the understanding and adaptability of farmers. Establish relevant education and propaganda departments to bring agricultural machinery technology into farmers’ homes, learn from theory, and finally guide farmers to further promote agricultural machinery technology by in-depth practice.

The content of training and education should be from the surface to the inside, from the superficial to the deep, from the theoretical aspect to farmers to carry out in depth the importance of sustainable agricultural development, recognize the benefits brought by the promotion of agricultural machinery technology, and increase farmers’ recognition of the promotion of agricultural machinery technology.

  (D) Conduct experimental teaching and encourage cadres to teach in villages

  Some areas are more remote, the infrastructure is very backward, we should first face the area of the land, production methods, crop types for field visits, according to local conditions to develop a feasible plan for the area.

For example, the town’s crop economy has lychee, anise, rice, cassava, etc. Establish a long-term management mechanism and provide regular training and education for technical cadres to improve their professionalism.

To enhance the attractiveness of the region, encourage cadres to teach in the village, stimulate the enthusiasm of agricultural machinery technicians, establish a sound assessment mechanism, so that technical personnel can do their best to participate in the promotion of agricultural machinery technology, play the role of a bridge connecting farmers and agricultural machinery technology, and promote the development of agricultural modernization.


  To sum up, there are still many problems in the process of promoting agricultural machinery technology in China, so to ensure the smooth promotion of agricultural machinery technology, not only need relatively perfect mechanical equipment and instruments, but also need the joint support and cooperation of the government, enterprises and farmers. Over the years, Xinfeng town through the implementation of the “industrial rich town”, “agricultural stability town”, “trade live town” and other strategies to build a beautiful ecological Xinfeng.

With the continuous reform of the rural economic system, coupled with the continuous promotion of agricultural machinery technology, farmers’ quality and ability level has been greatly improved, the realization of agricultural modernization is just around the corner.